Straight to the point: the purpose of this site is to provide FREE education to those interested in starting a flea market business; not just selling your own household goods or antiques, but building a huge business selling wholesale and secondary market merchandise sourced from department stores, catalog retailers, and excess stock from manufacturers.

The flea market represents two altogether different ideas for most individuals. The casual Saturday visitor can barely keep their inner excitement at bay as they stroll the aisles looking for what they might term, “A steal of a deal,” while vendors at such markets are thankful they have a venue to make extra cash, while enjoying the low overhead.

Our site, Flea Market Liquidator, speaks to the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday entrepreneur who wants to not only make the market a source of full-time income, but potentially use the flea market as a spring-board into a more traditional brick ‘n mortar retail business. Can it be done? You bet it can, but it takes hard work to get there.
Our site will not only serve as a motivator for those interested in starting a flea market business, but will also handle the nuts-and-bolts side of flea market vendor operations.

Oh, and did I mention that our primary focus of our site will be the purchasing and reselling of secondary market goods? You know, name brand, customer returned, shelf pull, and excess retail stock? If you have no clue as to what this type of merchandise is, buckle up my friend, you’re about to get a product sourcing education. Together, you and I will travel over the speed bumps slowly until you feel up to speed with liquidation merchandise. Once acquainted, it’s off to the flea market we go, setting up your new business.